Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Interview with Donna George Storey

Donna George Storey's elegant style of writing resonates with readers. Her story Spider, which appeared in E is for Exotic, is the type of well-written tale that makes you wonder—did this really happen? And then you start to realize that *all* of her stories are so believable and eloquent—and the same query pops up over and over. But now she's got you! Because you *know* that the mermaid fable she penned for Alison's Wonderland couldn't possibly be real.

Except... maybe...well...could it?

DGS was kind enough to swim by—I mean, stop by—to answer some queries for us:

1. Which fairy tale character would you most like to do and why?

I hope you don’t mind if I choose more than one playmate? I’ve always been drawn to the story of “Snow-White and Rose-Red.” One sister was a dreamy blonde, the other a fiery brunette, and their mother told them, “What one has she must share with the other.” They had frequent evening rendezvous with a big, furry, but well-mannered bear, and, well, I always thought it would be fun to get cozy by the fire and be shared by all three!

2. If your fairy godmother or fairy godfather (I’m an equal opportunity fairy employer) waved a magic wand over your head and granted you three wishes, what would you be wearing during your wishing?

I just acquired a delicious lacy white robe that doesn’t cover much at all. So far I’ve only worn it to private events, but I think it would be the perfect show of respect for a meeting with my fairy godfather—who resembles a young Robert De Niro, of course.

3. What would you wish for?

Okay, this might seem mushy, but I would wish that every adult (18 and over only) in the world could couple up (or triple up?) with their perfect match(es) so that they could enjoy mind-blowing, soul-soaring, screaming hot sex whenever they desired it. Don’t you think the world would be a much better place if everyone were walking around in post-orgasmic bliss?

4. Do you own fairy wings? A little red riding hood? Glass slippers? If yes, please describe. Or send photos!

I have quite a collection of make-believe dresses that would serve as lovely costumes for a fairytale—several silk kimono, a colorful satin Korean hanbok, a slinky blue Chinese cheongsam, a dirndl from Austria complete with apron. Then there are the goodies in my lingerie drawer: a crimson corset, a dozen pairs of stockings, Hello Kitty thongs in black and white depending on my mood. The latter especially always make my wishes come true—almost as if by magic. I’m sending along a picture of my favorite fairy item: red velvet gloves. Because of course, it’s always more fun to hold the power of enchantment in your own hands. (And I must add, you have a way of inspiring very fun photo sessions at the Storey household!)

5. What question would you most like to ask another author in the line-up?

I’d like to ask Andrea Dale if her wildly romantic Irish tale, “Broken Fiddle,” has any basis in real life experience—and if it’s not too much extra trouble, could she give me directions to that pub?

6. What would you like to tell readers about your story in Alison’s Wonderland?

I had a lot of fun imagining the love scene with the dominatrix mermaid. Especially the part about the jade-green nipples that taste like seaweed—it still makes me hungry for sushi!

7. What fairy tale would you love to tackle in the future?

I’ve always been intrigued by kitsune, clever fox spirits that are popular in Japanese fairy tales. Kitsune have a fondness for changing themselves into beautiful women and seducing human men who have no clue as to the true nature of their lovers. I’m sure writing a story on that theme would be a good chance to get in touch with my own crafty “beast within.”

Donna George Storey loves to travel to exotic lands and distant times in her stories and—as much as possible--in real life, too. She is the author of Amorous Woman, a very steamy, semi-autobiographical tale of an American woman’s love affair with Japan. Her short fiction has appeared in over a hundred journals and anthologies including Pleasure Bound, Naughty or Nice, Penthouse, Best American Erotica, and Best Women’s Erotica. Read more of her work at her website www.DonnaGeorgeStorey.com and her blog http://sexfoodandwriting.donnageorgestorey.com/

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