Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Interview with Lana Fox

In Lana Fox’s story for Alison's Wonderland, Always Break the Spines, a naughty coed learns that fairy tales can hurt. Literally. Her lover punishes her with a leather-bound book:

I will tame you,” he said, quietly, “exactly when I please. I won’t have you saying when and how. You will come back at ten and, if I deem it fitting, I’ll punish you more thoroughly.” Then he raised the leather book, which was damp from my sweat, and whispered, “Now it’s spoiled and you must pay. If you touch yourself, just once, before I see you next, I’ll know.”

Lana was sweet enough to answer my frivolous little queries:

1) Which fairy tale character would you most like to do and why?

Goldilocks because I love the sound of those golden tresses and I think she'd be great at afterplay cuddles.

2) If your fairy godmother or fairy godfather (I’m an equal opportunity fairy employer) waved a magic wand over your head and granted you three wishes, what would you be wearing during your wishing?

A pair of gorgeous high heels from Shelly's in London, please, paired with black, lacy panties. (This girl loves underwear).

3) What would you wish for?

I'd wish to become Susie Bright.

4) Do you own fairy wings? A little red riding hood? Glass slippers? If yes, please describe. Or send photos!

Yes, I have a pair of black, net fairy wings edged with bright pink, which I wear with my pink wig. If I did own a little red riding hood I'd wear her all the time. And as for glass slippers, I'd dance too hard and break 'em.

5) What question would you most like to ask another author in the line-up?

Allison Wonderland, I LOVE your story. Have *you* ever owned panties decorated with the visage of Snow White (or any other fairy tale character)?

6) What would you like to tell readers about your story in Alison’s Wonderland?

The leather-bound books always sting a little more, but naturally, they're worth it.

7) What fairy tale would you love to tackle in the future?

I'd love to have a go at the Little Mermaid. I think mermaids are gorgeous and they probably have fabulous sex.

Lana Fox's sexy stories have appeared in a variety of books and magazines including "Clean Sheets" and collections by Xcite Books. Other erotica is forthcoming in collections by Cleis, including "Orgasmic", edited by Rachel Kramer Bussell. For more information, visit Lana's blog. Lana's life ain't always a fairy tale, but she loves writing happy endings.

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