Tuesday, June 15, 2010

N.T. Morley Answers

In her Q & A, Elspeth Potter said: "I also would love to know how many pairs of boots N.T. Morley has."

N.T. Morley responds:

Oh wow! You know, it is funny to get that question this week, when I just finally carted the three pairs needing attention down to the shoe repair place to get resoled and conditioned. I had to go through the entire batch of them, and it added up to 10 pair. And I thought, "Seriously?"

An hour later my Zappo's wish list was disastrously overloaded.

For Alison's Wonderland, Morley wrote The Clean-Shaven Type, a version of Beauty and the Beast with quite unexpected results for The Beast.


P.S. Speaking of boots, it's my birthday month. Don't you just want to buy me these? You could get together with, um, 159 of your friends. You'd only have to put in a buck each!