Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sommer says...

I've sent out interview requests to all of the contributors for Alison's Wonderland. I'll be posting the interviews throughout June (and maybe July) in celebration of the book's release. In each Q & A I asked the authors to Q each other! Elspeth Potter had a question for Sommer Marsden.

Elspeth Potter's Query:

Sommer Marsden – how long did it take you to come up with the name "Philomena Fitzpatrick Troll"? Because it is the most awesome name ever.

Sommer Marsden's Answer:

When I got the idea for "The Three Billys," I wanted to be sublty overt. Troll seemed a good name for the heroine. And the man (my husband) had a friend way back in the day with the last name of Troll. I've heard countless stories of his personal "troll" and also the repetition of that friend's three grande names. See my husband always has to say his friend's full name because it is so awesome and sounds so cool! He can't just call him by his first name. Being a thief--I mean a writer--I put my own spin on it and made Philomena's name as grande as I could (considering her last name is Troll).

Check out Sommer today over at Midnight Moon Cafe! Leave a comment on MMC for a chance to win one of her fab e-books!


P.S. Oh, my god. I reached new highs (or lows) trying to find a "sexy goat picture" to go with this post!!