Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Interview with Saskia Walker

I "met" Saskia Walker several years ago—in fact, a few years more than several. I'm thinking about six, now. Right from the start, her stories drew me in. The characters linger—the descriptions pull the reader right smack into the scene. A few short strokes of her pen on paper (or her fingers on the keys), and you are there with the characters, on a deserted beach, about to fuck with total, kinky abandon.

I actually truly in flesh-and-blood met Saskia Walker a few years ago, at a party for Harlequin authors. She is as sexy and sensual in person as her words are on the page. To me, it's not a complete anthology without a story by Saskia. Here, she discusses her story in Alison's Wonderland: Kiss It.

1) Which fairy tale character would you most like to do and why?

I'd like to have a Big Bad Wolf at my sexual beck and call. I'd have to keep him chained up, of course. Mostly he'd be a regular loving bloke, but sometimes the sex would get really wild and out of hand.

2) If your fairy godmother or fairy godfather (I'm an equal opportunity fairy employer) waved a magic wand over your head and granted you three wishes, what would you be wearing during your wishing?

I guess I'd be dressed for any situation that might follow, which for me means leather jeans and a biker jacket.

3) What would you wish for?

First, good health for my loved ones.
Second, good health for my friends.
Third, good health for me.
Because I honestly believe our health is the most valuable thing in the world.

4) Do you own fairy wings? A little red riding hood? Glass slippers? If yes, please describe. Or send photos!

No fairy wings, although I do like to dress up in fantasy style! My tastes have tended towards the darker paranormal-vampires, ghosts, and the like. The nearest I ever got to dressing as a fairy would be Xena the Warrior Princess. I was carrying a bullwhip though, not a magic wand. Hmm. Just call me the black sheep fairy!

5) What question would you most like to ask another author in the line-up?

I'd like to ask Janine Ashbless how the words "snow" and "white" unleashed such a dark, lush, and deviant tale! Actually, it's the least I'd expect of Janine's work. Ha! She's an amazing fantasy writer and I'm a huge fan.

6) What would you like to tell readers about your story in Alison's Wonderland?

My story, Kiss It, bubbled up from two of my long-time interests. First is the supernatural genie creature and the granting of wishes. I'm forever fascinated by exotic tales such as Scheherazade's Arabian Nights. The idea of having three wishes-but the third one being somewhat dangerous as it might grant the naughty genie it's freedom-is a compelling dilemma. I took that notion and ran it alongside Irish mythology. I'm half Irish and spent several of my childhood years there. Irish myth and legend was actually on my school curriculum when I was nine years old! On weekends my parents would drive off to various amazing places that have stuck with me including Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Giant's Causeway. In the story I took the naughty genie idea and mixed it up with the legend surrounding the Blarney Stone and the gift of the gab. I had a lot of fun with it!

7) What fairy tale would you love to tackle in the future?

Ooh, I don't know, but if bearskin or magic carpets are involved, I'm right there.

Award winning British author Saskia Walker first dreamed of writing her own stories when she discovered a handful of romance novels stashed away in her school library. An avid reader, she lapped up the fun, the adventures, and the life-affirming emotion of these stories, but always felt dismay when the bedroom door closed the reader out. She vowed that if she ever had the chance to pursue her dream, all the passion would be right there on the page.

Saskia finally began writing seriously in the late 1990s. By that time she'd traveled the world, got herself a BA in Art History, a Masters in Literature and the Visual Arts, and she'd worked in all manner of diverse careers-but the stories in her head simply had to be written.

Her first erotic short story was signed in '97 and since then she has had several single title novel and novella publications, and her work has appeared in over fifty anthologies including Best Women's Erotica, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, and the Black Lace Wicked Words series. She writes across genres, but always with the passion right there on the page! Her novel, DOUBLE DARE, received the Passionate Plume award for the Best Contemporary Erotic Romance of 2006.

Saskia lives in the north of England-close to the beautiful, windswept landscape of the Yorkshire moors-with her real life hero, Mark. Mark supports her work through all its ups and downs, and somehow manages to keep her sane and grounded when fiction threatens to take over.

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