Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interview with T. C. Calligari

Did you miss me? No, I wasn't really gone, but now I'm back. Ha! That makes no sense at all. Clearly, I've had too much sake—or possibly not quite enough. One thing is for sure, I have a brand-new interview to post from an author featured in Alison's Wonderland. T. C. Calligari penned "A Taste for Treasure," a retelling of one of Grimm's fairy tales. She's here to answer my standard Q's with her witty A's:

1) Which fairy tale character would you most like to do and why?

I'd like to do the Beast. He's big and beastly and untamed, but gentle and sophisticated too. A creature of depths who's sure to be wild in bed.

2) If your fairy godmother or fairy godfather (I’m an equal opportunity fairy employer) waved a magic wand over your head and granted you three wishes, what would you be wearing during your wishing?

I'd be wearing very high shoes, shiny and red, and a diaphanous, sheer gown.

Alison Tyler butts in. Oooooh, she likes diaphonous dresses, too!

3) What would you wish for?

Feet that could wear (and walk in) any shoes or boots no matter how high and for as long as I wanted. All the time in the world to travel and write, in style of course. And third, at least a couple of beautiful and strong attendants to go with me and attend to my every need (and whim) with love and sensuality.

4) Do you own fairy wings? A little red riding hood? Glass slippers? If yes, please describe. Or send photos!

I have a pair of black feathered fallen angel wings, as well as aquamarine diaphanous fairy wings, decorated with jewels and glitter. My scallop shell bra with strings of pearls and glass beads is for my mermaid days and I have at least two wands, a flog and collars for all those enchanted evenings.

5) What question would you most like to ask another author in the line-up?

I would ask every author what is the closest they have come to a true fairy tale or fairy tale character in real life?

6) What would you like to tell readers about your story in Alison’s Wonderland?

I love fairy tales and have since I was a child. A Taste for Treasure is based on one of the shorter, more obscure tales of the Brother's Grimm, of which there were hundreds. I have the complete collection but haven't read them all. There is such a treasure trove there.Magic often comes in threes and it does so in this tale. I have changed the tale so it's not just a damsel being used by a beast or a being rescued by a prince. The innkeeper is a woman who likes to collect many things and she finds what it is that she most treasures. I wanted to explore a tale we haven't heard about over and over. New territory and quite a challenge in its own. Besides, I was intriqued with the father who tosses his children out in favor of a goat!

7) What fairy tale would you love to tackle in the future?

I have tackled some fairy tales in my other writing guise: Snow White, Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, the Minotaur, but there's always room for more exploration. I see a tale with a lady with a tail, some mermaid siren song in the watery depths of the future. I also see a linking of the Beauty and the Beast tale to Greek myths. And those Greek gods were lusty lovers! There are so many tales and I want to explore the Irish landscape and the magic brooding there.

T.C. Calligari's work has appeared in various anthologies including Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, Guilty Pleasures, Naughty or Nice, Don Juan: Tales of Lust and Seduction and Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. T.C. lives on BC's magical west coast where selkies and sasquatch make their homes. She has at least one genie bottle and rubs it regulary waiting for the genie to come...out and grant her wishes.

I have only one more Q & A to post, I believe. So hang in there, everyone. Once I get these up—I will move onto my big, big super cool plan for the Flash Fucking entries!